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    Kinni Kinni Vaari (KKV) is a song which celebrates strong women all around us. To love and being loved is a beautiful journey, but heartbreaks are universal and KKV is a take on how women choose to deal with it. It’s all about resilience, self-love and strength to get up and move on.

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    Audio Credits:
    Singer: Raashi Sood
    Lyrics: Diljot Mavi
    Composition: Diljot Mavi, Raashi Sood, UpsideDown, ICONYK
    Production: ICONYK, UpsideDown

    Video Credits:
    Video by Sanjna Krishnan

    Lockfeed Partner: Glance

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      raashi mam your are the best teacher as well as the best singer

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      2. 101-vidushi sharma Sharma

        Not at all

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      I am here after Jannat's recent Reel 🤧

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      Did jannat sang this ?

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      Its really nice song

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    49. Owner of a billion dollar

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    52. UD DUDE

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