Rahi - Tu Leja Mujhe | Official Lyric Video


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    Sing along to "Tu Leja Mujhe" by Rahi and escape into the world of travel, bliss and adventure. This video resonates with those who are not afraid to plunge in their dreams and escape into the adrenaline!

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    Singer, Composer & Lyricist: Rahi
    Music Producer: Tallz
    Produced by Centre For Creative Excellence
    (Sucheta Bhattacharjee & Shubho Shekhar Bhattacharjee)
    Video Editor: Sanjna Krishnan
    Video by @Red Bull & Big Bang Music
    Special thanks to Red Bull India for the video footage

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    1. Naina Konnur

      Wow beautiful song and top of it your voice 💕

    2. TIME PASS


    3. DHUBRI BoYs


    4. Pulkit Bansal 12th - c

      Raahi brother i am in love with your songs..... waiting for a movie which is full of your songs..

    5. Vishal Sharma

      I know, You're not going to quit. Trust me, One day, You are going to be biggest star in the entire country. Soemday people will recognise real talent. Someday people will prefer this kind over shit. More power to you brother 😭



    7. Aniket Singh

      This is not edited comment and want to say this song will hit 1M very soon✔✔

    8. Nataly Yashchuk

      Amazing music, amazing singing! Thank you 💗

    9. Hengki Irawan


    10. MrTheanhi

      The bestttttt

    11. Sohail Siddiq

      This is the nice song. 👌👍

    12. Vandana K

      Boht acha song hai ye bhi

    13. Gagan Chauhan


    14. Shubham Bajaj

      now , this is something awesome...

    15. Neeraj Ahuja

      I love it song because of only nature and singer 😊😊

    16. Archit jha

      Beautiful scenes

    17. Rahul Patel

      People need to hear this!!!❤️

    18. Mantu Yadav

      ❤️❤️🍫🍫love you bhai... Lovable ❣️ voice

    19. Mithilesh Singh

      beautiful song keep it up😊

    20. Dushyant Harne

      Nature is my love 💘

    21. Shiva Kumar

      I m a traveller and I know the importance of this type of song

    22. bitchy witch

      Ltrlly i feel ths song ! 😌

    23. Anu Rajput

      beautiful song🌻

    24. Shravan Choudhary

      I love this song ❤️❤️❤️😘👍👍

    25. Shivansh Plays

      Underrated.....yup that's the word...sir, i would really like to talk to you once in this life.... love this song ❤️❤️

    26. Zecob Charania

      This is A Feel☺🤗😍❤

    27. Andri Rai

      Great work dear, Music is loveable, lyrics are awesome, I am in love with this song. Make more soothing and good vibes songs you will achieve great success.

    28. Shrabham Kustwar


    29. Sparkyy S


    30. Ajay

      shrey yt ka account Wapas do

    31. SHABIR 77

      Nice song👍 ?? ??

    32. Vikas Kangla

      This man is lub ❤️❤️

    33. Santosa Sahoo

      Rahi rocks

    34. Dhanush Pujari


    35. LoNe ShaNu

      ❤️ 😍

    36. Jacinda Rose Sandoval

      Hello! I loved the music a lot. You have to connect with the upcoming artist Katishan. His stuff reminds me of Roddy Ricch and a bit of Niska! He is this lit rapper in France and he basically gets lit in every vid. You should most definitely check his MRplans out and give the rapper a subscribe! 👉 #TracksByKatishan

    37. Trinity Stevens

      Hi. I enjoyed your music a lot. You most definitely have to put out more stuff! You need to record with the new music artist Katishan. His music really is similar to Lil Durk mixed with Niska! He is a new rapper in the 6! You should totally check out his MRplans out and give him a like! 👉 #NewVideoKatishan

    38. luci bitia


    39. nameless guy


    40. Kanxa Memer

      My Rol.n. is 13 I am also 13th Commenter 😊


      13th comment ❤️

    42. Soapier Gamer

      Plz support to Soapier Gamer

    43. Bakkuu Singh

      Sir big fan of your voice

    44. Baby Kumari


    45. Eɴᴅ Rᴀʏᴏx ϟ

      Op veido one like in my comments

    46. Ishika

      This song is prettier than my face

      1. Vishal Sharma


    47. Top20guru2

      ❤️💕Guys please don't ignore 😭 I have been spending hours on recordings editing postive or negative.just want to improve ❤️ I love you sir big fan 💕💗

    48. Shruti Banerjee

      Osm view.......beautiful song❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

    49. Surabhi Satyan

      Yes indeed

    50. IamNotVjay Bg

      First view

      1. Aman Aman

        Land lele miara

      2. Harsh Verma

        बधाई हो।

    51. Disha aithal

      Beautiful 😍

    52. Tiger Shroff Lover

      Lovely Song ❤️

      1. Prince Yadav

        @Arthvimarsh Economics m? M

      2. Arthvimarsh  Economics

        Glad to see your response on this!